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Reward points

Earn rewards with our easy to use Snackoo Rewards program! Yummy snacks and discounts? What could possibly be better?


So, how do I sign up?

You are enrolled into Snackoo Rewards the moment you make your first purchase. The system will automatically log your points and they can be used the moment you earn them. No waiting involved here!


And how do the rewards points work?

You earn 1,000 points for every $1 you spend (excluding shipping & taxes). We have a little tier system goin’ on (check it out below). Once you reach 50,000 points, you can choose to spend them on a $3 off code or save them and spend it later. Choose wisely, your points are worth more, the more you save!


50,000 Points = $3 Off

100,000 Points = $8 Off

200,000 Points = $20 Off


P.S. Occasionally we’ll have a special redemption offer that you won’t want to miss (Ex. 10,000 Points = $5 Off). So keep a lookout because we’re always thinking of ways to surprise you!


Will my points expire?

Not here. Not now. Not ever. You earned these points and you should be able to use them whenever you feel like it. So feel free to keep saving… even if it’s for 100 years. Whatever your little heart desires!