Purple Sweet Potato Sabrel Cheese Cookies - 9 PCS Snackoo
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Purple Sweet Potato Sabrel Cheese Cookies - 9 PCS

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Description: A must for cheese lovers. Langue de Chat cookies with a fragrant blend of purple sweet potato and cheese cream filling. With a bite into this freshly crisp cookie sandwich and a taste of the rich center filling, it will surely give you a warm homey feeling. And the best part? You won't have to stand in line waiting at Pablo's to get a taste, these cookies will be delivered right to your doorstep!


Package Details: 9 PCS
Country of Origin: Japan
Ingredients: Chocolate, Flour, Sugar, Egg Whites, Margarine, Shortening, Almond Powder, Milk, Parmesan Cheese Powder, Bennimo Powder, Starch, Purple Potato, Salt, Gouda Cheese Powder, Perfumes, Emsulsifiers, Coloring (Gardenia, Annatto), Cellulose, Casein Na, Antioxidant (VE), Phosphate (Na), pH Adjusting Agent, Stabilizers, Soybeans
Allergens: Almond, Eggs, Milk, Soy, Wheat
Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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