Sugar Butter Sand Tree - 7 PCS Snackoo
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Sugar Butter Sand Tree - 7 PCS

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Description: Made of two cereal dough biscuits baked with sugar butter sandwiching a layer of white chocolate, the subtle sweetness, unique crispy texture different to that of a rusk or a cookie, and milky white chocolate will keep you coming back for more. Each sweet comes wrapped individually, making them ideal for handing out to people. 

Ingredients: Chocolate, flour, butter, rye flour, sugar, whole wheat flour Shortening, corn grits, yeast, powdered skimmed milk, salt, bread crumbs Oligosaccharides, emulsifier (soybean origin), flavoring, Yeast food, antioxidants (V.E)

Storage Method: Keep in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures. Served at your earliest convenience.

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