Nissin UFO Yakisoba Noodles Shrimp Flavor Snackoo
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Nissin UFO Yakisoba Noodles Shrimp Flavor

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Description: Nissin UFO Yakisoba Noodles Shrimp Flavor. 

Package Details: 122g
Country of Origin: 
Refined wheat flour, refined palm oil, starch, salt, food additives, garlic powder. Seasoning sauce package: refined vegetable oil, refined butter, white sugar, soy sauce, onions, beef sauce, soy sauce, edible flavor, spices, food additives, tomato sauce, edible salt, red onion oil, sesame oil. Cabbage: dehydrated carrots, dehydrated vegetables. Sauce: Salad Sauce

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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