About Snackoo

I started Snackoo because I want to share delightful snacks with each of you. I live for the thrill of trying a snack for the first time - the satisfying crunch, melty smooth texture, or unexpected spice or sour kick. When I travel, one of my favorite experiences is eating the local food which includes snacks. Unfortunately, when I came home, I found it very difficult or sometimes impossible, to find the same snacks.

That’s why I built Snackoo. To connect you with the most delightful snacks my team and I have sourced from around the world. We hand-pick every snack and work directly with the the best suppliers, distributors, and brands to bring you unique, delicious snacks, at a great price.

To shop on, you can pick individual products or try a Snackoo Box. Each month, we curate the most delightful snacks and deliver it to your doorstep. No fillers and nothing that I personally wouldn’t recommend.

Currently, we are focusing our efforts to bring you a wide selection of snacks from Asian countries. Soon, we will expand globally! Email us at if there's a particular snack you'd like for us to find or if you need suggestions.

Happy Snacking,
Baylor, CEO & Founder
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