Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or via Facebook.

  • Is your site legit and trustworthy?
Absolutely. We are an e-commerce start-up based in Hayward, California (Silicon Valley). To-date, we have shipped packages to thousands of happy snackers. Check out testimonials from happy shoppers.
  • Where do you get your snacks?
We work directly with brands and snack distributors to import snacks from their country of origin (e.g. Japan).
  • How do you choose which snacks to carry?

Our team of snack enthusiasts try new snacks almost daily. We receive samples from brands, we travel, we snack. A lot. When we find a snack we love, we will order it - even if that sometimes means only a limited quantity is available.

  • I don’t know these brands - what snacks are good?
We love helping shoppers find the best snacks for their taste preference. Please email us at info@snackoo.com with snacks you currently like and we’ll recommend some snacks that you might enjoy. We also offer our Snackoo Box which is filled with new snacks each month. 
  • Why are your prices higher than if I were to buy in the country of origin (e.g. Japan)?

A big factor in our price is due to shipping. Unlike many imported products that come to the U.S. via big container ships, our snacks have to be expedited. Another reason is that while some snacks are very common in their origin country, the brand or distributor sells them for export at a marked up price. This is very common in cross-border commerce. U.S. products are sometimes twice as expensive (or more) in foreign countries.

  • Does Snackoo have a referral program?

Yes, we do! Give your friends $10 Snackoo credit on their first order and you’ll receive $10 credit of your own when your friend makes a purchase. To become a Snackoo Ambassador and start referring friends, check your inbox after you’ve completed a purchase and look for the referral email with your unique, shareable referral code. When a friend successfully completes their first Snackoo purchase using your code, you will be notified via email with instructions on how to claim your reward. Please allow 5 days after each successful referral for your reward to be applied. Referral credits earned for each referred friend who has purchased are valid for 30 days after they’ve been awarded.

  • Do you offer price-matching?
Yes! If you find a better price online from a US-based website in USD currency, please email us. We do not accept price-match from marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.
  • Where do you ship from?

Our office and warehouse are both located in Hayward, California. We do not drop ship or ask vendors to ship on our behalf.

  • Can I pick up my snacks from your office?

Since we are a small start-up, we do not have the staff in place to facilitate local pick-ups...yet! All orders over $49 do ship for free.

  • Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, we accept PayPal. During the checkout process, you will see an option to use PayPal on the payment page.

  • When will you restock a specific snack?

Please email us your request and we will let you know when we plan to restock. For popular snacks such as Royce Nama Chocolates or Tokyo Bananas, we will only stock them during the cooler months due to their fragile nature.

  • What does “Best Tasting Date” mean?
You may find some text stating, “Best Tasting Date” on some packages, especially Japanese snacks. It is reasonable to assume that this is the same as an expiration date. Please note that this is not true. Japan has very stringent food safety laws and their “Best Tasting Date” is indicative of when the product was produced rather than its expiration.
  • Does the date on my package indicate its expiration?

This depends. See aforementioned for Japanese “Best Tasting Date”. For other snacks, you might see a stamped date with some Chinese words before or after. The date indicates when the snack was produced. Sometimes, you’ll see another date which shows your the shelf life of the snack. For example:  "生产日期: 见包装盒“ means "production date" and "保质期: 10个月” means "expiration period: 10 months". Therefore, if the stamped production date is 4.2.2017, then the package expires in February  2018.

  • Does my snack require special handling or care?

Many of our snacks are only available in certain countries and have traveled a long way for your enjoyment. Therefore, whenever possible, please keep your snacks refrigerated to ensure freshness for weeks. In particular, this applies to chocolate, pudding, and anything that arrives with an ice pack.   

  • How do I edit or cancel my order?
You can cancel your order by visiting the Order History page in your Account or email us at info@snackoo.com with your order information. Please note that we try and ship your snacks out as quickly as possible so please let us know within 24 hours.
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