Aerial Cheese Corn Snack - 70g Snackoo
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Aerial Cheese Corn Snack - 70g

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Description: Nabisco Aerial cheddar cheese corn snack is a snack candy that can enjoy a light texture and a rich taste finished with cheddar cheese. Please enjoy a crispy light texture born by thin four layers and a cheese flavored powder after frying and finish with thick cheese cream finished taste. 

Package Details: 70g
Country of Origin:
corn, palm oil, corn starch, lactose, sugar salt, cheese powder, glucose, soy protein, buttermilk powder, creaming powder, spices, yeast extract, whey powder, dextrin, modified starch, seasoning, artificial flavor, baking soda, paprika color, emulsifier, sucralose, spices extract. Contains wheat, soy, milk. 
Storage Method:
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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