Bai Jia Spicy Fei-chang Flavor Instant Vermicelli Snackoo
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Bai Jia Spicy Fei-chang Flavor Instant Vermicelli

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Description: This type of instant noodle is made with clear vermicelli noodles. It comes with two flavor packets in the "fei-chang" flavor 

Appearance: an individually wrapped bunch of vermicelli noodles with two flavor packets 

Flavor: mildly spicy with a delicious broth that includes some yellow peas

Texture: rice noodles is a bit chewier than udon or ramen 

Recommended by: Helen, Snackoo Marketing

Package Details: 108g

Country of Origin: China

Ingredients: See label on the product.

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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