ICHIRAN Tonkotsu Ramen [Fukuoka Limited] - 5 Meals Snackoo
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ICHIRAN Tonkotsu Ramen [Fukuoka Limited] - 5 Meals

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Description: Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen [Fukuoka Limited], Hakata-Style Thin Noodle, including original red dry sauce. Fukuoka is the headstream for Japanese Best Noodle - "Hakata Noodle"; one of the most influential brand should be Ichiran. Ichiran has more than 50 years history in Japan. Now Ichiran has 50+ stores in Japan, also expand to New York. 

Package Details: 5 meals
Country of Origin: 
Not Available.

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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