IPPUDO Shiromaru Ramen - 1 Meal Snackoo
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IPPUDO Shiromaru Ramen - 1 Meal

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Description: Ippudo Shiromaru Ramen with fresh raw noodle. 1 meal. It is the mainstream of Kazido that takes over from the founding period to now, the taste of the origin. A full-fledged soup that adds base soup to rich, fragrant silky soup which extracted tonight's delicious taste to the limit is just the taste of the shop.

Package Details: 188g
Country of Origin: 
Noodle: Flour, fermented seasoning, wheat protein, starch syrup, egg white powder (including egg), salt. Soup: pork bone soup (glass pud (pig bones, vegetables), sugar, gelatin, protein hydrolyzate), pork powder, lard Soy sauce (including soybean and wheat), salt, fermented seasoning, mirin, processed soy sauce, kelp tea, garlic, ginger, pepper spicy vegetable: garlic (including pork and chicken) mustard (including sesame) salt, pepper, vegetable oils, soy sauce (soybeans, including wheat) garlic: garlic, salt <additives> seasoning (amino acids), thickeners (guar, xanthan), alcohol, lactic acid Na, coloring agent (caramel, turmeric), kanbu, acidulant, sweetener (stevia, sucralose, acesulfame K), pH adjuster, spice extract, antioxidant (VE), modified starch

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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