Jagabee Mentaiko Butter Fries - 5 PCS Snackoo
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Jagabee Mentaiko Butter Fries - 5 PCS

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Description: Mentaiko is a slightly spicy cod roe flavor but this release also combines a lovely buttery taste to balance everything off perfectly. This cup of finger sized potato sticks have a unique light texture with a full flavor potato taste. Made by Calbee, the most recognized potato chip maker in Japan. Has a peel-off lid which will have you chomping in no time! The natural potato sticks are finger-length and pencil-thick with some potato skin still attached. Great with any beverage.

Package Details: 5 PCS
Country of Origin:
Potato, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, glucose, powdered processed fat and oil, clam extract powder, butter powder, fish sauce powder, starch, whey protein, powdered soy sauce, chili, mentaiko powder, amino acid, fragrance, paprika pigment, stevia, spice Extract, caramel color, acidulant, VC
Storage Method:
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.