Kumamoto Black Oil Tonkotsu Ramen - 186g Snackoo
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Kumamoto Black Oil Tonkotsu Ramen - 186g

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Description: It is a rich garlic pork bone soup which made the flavor of garlic effective for a firm pork extract. Seasoning oil is a special black melamine oil which is characteristic of Kumamoto ramen, garlic is ground with lard and vegetable oils and fats until it turns black.

Package Details: 2 Servings /186g
Country of Origin: Japan
Ingredients: Noodles (wheat flour, salt, vegetable protein, reduced starch syrup), meat extract (pig, chicken), Ma oil (lard, soybean oil, garlic and other), salt, powder soy sauce, spices, sugars (glucose, sugar, lactose), animal and vegetable oils and fats (lard, sesame oil), starch, protein hydrolyzate, vegetable powder, roasted garlic, yeast extract, fish extract, seasoning (such as amino acids), Brine , acidulant, gardenia dye, pH adjusting agents, caramel color, antioxidants (vitamin E), (shrimp some of the raw, including gelatin and milk components) 

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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