Matcha Milk Powder - 110g Snackoo
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Matcha Milk Powder - 110g

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Description: Perfect combination of Uji green tea and the harmony of mellow milk.

HOT: About 15 g (about 3 cups of teaspoon) into the cup, boil about 150 ml of hot water, stir well, please enjoy it. Please adjust hot water according to your preference.

COOL: About 15 g (about 3 teaspoons ) of this product is put in a cup, about 150 ml of water is pouring, stir well , please enjoy it. Please drink by adjusting the water you like.

Package Details: 110g
Country of Origin:
Sugar, Dextrin, Plant oils and fats, lactose, powdered green tea, whole powdered milk, caramel powder, sweetened condensed milk, salt, emulsifier, casein Na (milk origin)
Storage Method:
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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