Kit Kat - Yogurt & Double berry & almond-98g Snackoo
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Kit Kat Yogurt, Double Berry & Almond [Limited]

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Yogurt, Double Berry & Almond Kit Kat is a limited edition flavor from the premium "Mainichi no Zeitaku" (Everyday Luxury) series that's only available in Japan.

The signature crispy wafers have a scrumptious yogurt and raspberry filling. Each bar is coated in high quality white chocolate infused with tangy yogurt, then topped with crushed almonds and cranberries. These are truly special and unique.

Package Details:  98g bag with 14 pieces, individually wrapped

Country of Origin: Japan

Ingredients: White chocolate (sugar, lactose, vegetable oil, whole milk, cocoa butter), wheat flour, vegetable oils, almonds, cranberry processed products (sugar pickled dried cranberries, glucose), lactose, sugar, raspberry juice powder, yogurt powder, yeast, whole powdered milk, cocoa powder, cacao mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier, flavor, baking soda, yeast food, (contains soy in some raws materials).

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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