Nissin Kitsune Udon Cup Noodle - 80g Snackoo
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Nissin Kitsune Udon Cup Noodle - 80g

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Description: Nissin Kitsune Udon Cup Noodle. Soup which made the taste of kelp soup has made it, and a juicy soup is a characteristic noodle.

Package Details: 80g
Country of Origin: 
Soup (salt, seafood extract, soy sauce, fish meal, kelp extract, leek, sugar, spice, seaweed powder, seafood seasoning oil, flavor oil), fried noodles (flour, vegetable oils, salt) Processed starch, seasoning (amino acid etc.), phosphate (Na), Ca carbonate, thickener (gum arabic), caramel pigment, pH adjuster, antioxidant (vitamin E), fragrance, carotenoid pigment, spice extract Thing, vitamin B 2, vitamin B 1, (including milk ingredients, mackerel, gelatin as a part of raw materials)

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.