Nitto Kocha Royal Milk Tea - 10 PCS Snackoo
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Nitto Kocha Royal Milk Tea - 10 PCS

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Description: Royal milk tea 10 bags.
Hot: Cup into one bag-Royal milk tea. Then Pour 120 ml boiling water, stir well. Be careful of hot water. 
Ice: In small amount of hot water melt the glass into the Royal milk tea bags. Pour the cold water and ice floats.

Package Details: 10 PCS
Country of Origin:
Erythrithol, powdered skim milk, dextrin, rapeseed oil, tea extract, lactose, sweetened milk, sugarless condensed milk, sodium caseinate, ph adjustor, artificial flavor, emulsifier, acesulfame potassium, sucralose. contains milk.
Storage Method:
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.