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Original Tokyo Banana - 12 PCS (PRE-ORDER)

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Description: The Original Tokyo Banana is one of the most popular snacks from Japan that is very difficult to find in the US, making it a top souvenir for many visitors. The snack is a light and fluffy sponge cake filled with delicious, banana custard cream filling which uses real banana puree. 


Due to popular demand, we are testing a new system to get you the freshest Tokyo Banana cakes from Japan. Please read carefully:

We are committed to bringing you the freshest cakes, so please read carefully:

- We are taking pre-orders until 6pm PT on 3/25/18. 

- We will place the order with our vendor after 6pm on 3/26/18.

- Our vendor will buy fresh Tokyo Bananas in Japan and ship them via Express Mail to California on Wednesday, 3/28. 

- We should ship the packages via USPS Priority no later than Monday, 4/2. 

- This means that you will get the Tokyo Banana within 1-2 days of their "Best By" date which is 7-10 days from production. 

- Questions? Please email us 

Please note that if refrigerated, Tokyo Banana will last more than one week without an issue. Japan has the strictest standards for food packaging so the dates are all "best taste" which is similar to "sell by" found in American stores. Other eBay sellers do not make this clear and I want to ensure that you have the best experience.


Appearance: like a Minion in food form - round with squishy middle

Flavor: yellow cake with a custard filling made from real bananas

Texture: spongey and delicate, highly addictive 

Recommended By: Baylor, Snackoo CEO 


Package Details: 12 PCS, individually wrapped 

Country of Origin: Japan

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. Refrigerate ASAP.

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