Paldo Noodle Soup Seafood - 65g Snackoo
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Paldo Noodle Soup Seafood - 65g

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Description: Paldo seafood cup noodle. Always fresh & great tasting. Premium quality instant noodles.

Package Details: 65g
Country of Origin: South Korea
Ingredients: Noodles: wheat flavor, modified potato starch, palm oil, guar gum, riboflavin. Soup Base: salt, mono sodium gluten, sugar, red pepper powder, garlic powder, cuttlefish powder, shrimp powder, crab powder, seasoning powder (soy sauce, starch syrup, salt), soy sauce powder (soybean, wheat, water), clam powder, black pepper, capsicum powder, paprika, ginger powder, pepper oleoresin powder, cuttlefish flake, welsh onion flake, carrot flake, seaweed flake, egg flake.
Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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