Weilong Latiao Spicy Mini Gluten - 40g Snackoo
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Weilong Latiao Spicy Mini Gluten - 40g

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Description: Weilong Latiao Spicy Mini Gluten. Chinese Special Spicy Snack Food.

Package Details: 40g
Country of Origin: 
Wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, edible salt, white sugar, spice, sesame, sodium glutamate, aluminum-free leavening agent, sodium cyclamate, aspartame, 5'-taste nucleotide disodium, dehydroacetic acid Sodium, pepper red, sucralose, acesulfame, neotame, monascus yellow pigment, terbutyl hydroquinone, edible flavor spices

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

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